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Looking for some live music to create that special mood for the holidays?  Nick can bring you some musical ambience that will help fill your party or event with the perfect holiday spirit!


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Municipal Swarm Capture Program

A public reporting system to connect with beekeepers, so that honey bee swarms can be safely captured and relocated.


This website is desinged or beekeepers who are swarm catchers, and for those with a general interest in honey bees.


We have network of over 2,000 beekeepers in all 50 states across America and part os Canada.  We are raising awareness about helping to sustain and rebuild the honeybee population.


Swarming is the process by which a queen bee leaves the original colony with a large group of workers. In the case of a traditional hive split, the old queen stays at the current location and about 60% of the worker bees take off with the new queen in search of a new home.


Honey bee swarms are not dangerous, but they do need to find an appropriate home. Beekeepers can help by collecting the swarm.  The Community Swarm Rescue Program seeks to initiate a public reporting system to effectively capture and relocate swarms.

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Pictures from our gig at Montgomery Day are now online!

Montgomery Day Photo (c) Alex Liguori, Sept 2016

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