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Band stage photo

About Nick

Music has always been a part of my heart and soul, and I have always used it to define myself, even from an early age.  I've been playing piano since the 1st grade and saxophone since the 4th grade.


My classical training is present in everything that I do, and I embrace the technical skills and loving nature that  I was brought up on for years under the direction of Carolyn Toppliff in Newburgh, NY.  From these lessons, I've been able to accelerate my learning of all genres including pop, rock, jazz, and many others.


Elementary school was my first big opportunity to show my skills off to an audience.  I sat down to the piano at the school concert, began with a soothing classical piece, and quickly kicked back the chair, dropping to my knees, and jamming away to "Great Balls of Fire."  From that point, I knew I had to pursue music performance.


Following this debut, I began working with a band called "The Chills."  We were based out of my hometown, Marlboro, NY, and we had 5 people in the band.  We played together for about 6 years all over the Hudson Valley from WPDH roof-a-thons, to the Empire State Games Opening Ceremony, to Military Appreciation Day at Stewart Airport opening up for Bo Diddley.  This was a magical time with gigs almost every weekend, and an incredible time to be with friends.


Since high school I have been hired by many churches to play weekend services; Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopalian, Pentecostal, to name a few.  My involvements extended to the stage and school productions as I would regularly serve as assistant vocal director, and work with my peers to produce all types of musical events.  I've worked with children at music camps, taught in educational environments, and have provided lessons to many.  In other professional settings, I musical direct, accompany, and do studio recordings.


I attended Stevens Institute of Technology, a small engineering school in Hoboken, NJ where I earned double degrees in Engineering Physics and Music & Technology.  At my core, I live an ongoing determination to satisfy both my love for the sciences and arts.  Therefore, with each project, I look to incorporate these elements as much as possible.


Today I continue to pursue my musical career with several groups and a few solo projects.  You can usually find me jamming away late into the evening with a great group of guys in our cover band, "Made In America."  I'm also extremely proud to have the group "Nick Catania and the Mystery Machine."  This is an all-original piano rock band with styles that blend the likes of Billy Joel, Joe Jackson, Ben Folds, and Elton John.  The guys I play with are fantastic musicians, and we've growing in popularity with every gig.


Enjoy my new music, and thank you for checking out!

Performance and Composition

This piece is one of my originals composed in Sonata form in May of 2010.  This debut was made on September 25, of that same year, in front of a live audience in Hoboken.   Its title, "The Artist," doesn't refer to myself, but rather, a composer painting the colors of sound and exploring the intertwining harmonies and frequencies.  As I perform this piece, I imagine painting a vibrant canvas of notes and colors and adventuring through a landscape of possibilities.  To this day, I am value this video as one of my greatest performances, and a moment in time in which I felt completely true to myself.  I also have two lovely arrangements that I composed for a full Orchestra and Symphonic band that I am aspiring to have performed.

Musical Director

Musical Directing and Playing for "Song's for a New World" with Just Off Broadway in Newburgh, NY.

In memory of Mr. Spoons

Mr. Spoons has been performing on the spoons for over 75 years. Those spoons are always with with him wherever he goes. From Americas Got Talent to TV, Mr. Spoons has brought his musical touch virtually everywhere. Our video on Youtube is a favorite tune by George Burns called "Old Bones." Enjoy as Mr. Spoons and I play a little song to remember the good old days.

Creeper Valentine (Comedy)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Words by Nick Catania and Regina Pynn

Merry Christmas!

4-part improvised orchestration!

Outside Frank's Deli in Marlboro, New York
Nick Catania - Soprano, Elliot Cash - Alto Sax, Tyler Cary - Tenor Sax, Tj Gianetta - Tenor Sax

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Nick Catania



Photo Gallery

Pictures from our gig at Montgomery Day are now online!

Montgomery Day Photo (c) Alex Liguori, Sept 2016

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